Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Analysis of GWB

I happen to think that GWB is an honest guy. But that doesn't detract from the truth of this analysis from Vox.

...most conservatives will finally admit that George W. Bush did not have, as so many people insisted as late as 2006, a double-secret conservative plan. Like his father before him, like the neocons, and like the NAFTA brigade, he was a socialist wolf in the Republican fold.

I had always thought that with the various Patriot Acts and the assertions of the imperial executive branch, Bush was laying the groundwork for Hillary-style fascism. But it's arguably worse that Bush's economic quasi-socialism has instead paved the way for Obama's blatantly socialist injection. The situation hasn't gotten to the point where Washington can hope to reach for complete central control yet - his bumbling persona should make it obvious that Obama is to play Hoover, not FDR -...

Always remember that both Jim Sensenbrenner AND Russ Feingold opposed the first draft of the Patriot Act. I'm still not sure that Sensenbrenner voted the right way the second time around.

And as we can see, The Savior Obama is very comfortable with most of the Unitary Executive thinking of the GWB era, including renditions.

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Scott said...

he was a socialist wolf in the Republican fold.

No, he was a corporate shill representing a distinct wing of the Republican party. Just not your wing.