Thursday, February 05, 2009

GAB: $2 Million More in Idiocy

Sykes points us to Dan Cody, who deserves kudos.

Not for finding that the GAB is a bunch of rummies; we already know that.

But for finding that they are damned EXPENSIVE rummies!!

... In late January I received a response to my open records request from the GAB and was surprised to find that the total cost of the CFIS web site - again, a site that myself and other industry experts have pointed out is limited in functionality and complexity - wasn’t $1 million as originally reported in the original Journal Sentinel article, but double that!

A $2 million price tag for the web site that first gained attention because it had a picture of the wrong city’s skyline.

To say $2 million is a ridiculous price for a web site that has less functionality than my weblog is an understatement

Too bad that JBVan Hollen cannot sue GAB for waste.

He already did sue them for incompetence--and they conceded that. But that was only a $50K waste of money...

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