Sunday, February 08, 2009

Doyle: Transparent Political Hack, Naked...

Jimbo Doylie, running hard for another opportunity to plunder State segregated funds for his favorite charities (WEAC and AFSCME), breezed into town the other day and announced that the State would 'take over management' of Milwaukee County's troubled 2-1-1 system.

Oh, yah, THAT will help.


As McIlheran observes:

Q. Why the takeover?

A. Because the county was answering maybe a tenth of calls about benefits problems.
But wait: The state isn't actually promising any more help. State officials were clear, say county board members:
The state wasn't bringing added staff, just some unspecified new bosses

A certain King is shirtless...

Q. But at least this means it's the state's responsibility now.

A. Uh . . . Actually, it's not. The county still will have to employ and pay the staff. It just won't have any say over what they do or how many of them its taxpayers must hire. And it will owe the employees its plump post-retirement benefits

The King is also bereft of pants...

Q. Why not make them state employees?

A. Because this untried "hybrid" approach will be fast (even though it requires a rewrite of state law). Uh-huh: A year to phase in is fast?

And I do believe that the King has no undies, either!!

No additional helping hands. An assured increase in costs to the County. And about a year or so to make it happen.

THIS is "help"?


This is typical Doylie. Heavy-handed, transparently political, and naked power- and headline-grabbing--to no one's benefit except that of our King.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just admit that Walker is an incompetent hack.

Dan said...

As compared to Doyle?

capper said...

Perhaps those new workers will be the funded, but unfilled, positions. There are only 717 such funded positions, with no one in them. What did Walker do with that money?

Dad29 said...

Oh, I dunno.

Maybe shoring up the pension-fund deficit?

capper said...

I thought that was what the risky loan was supposed to do. Oh, yeah, that only covered half of the pension deal, that he let grow for six years. The price would have been so much smaller if he addressed that when he was supposed to.

Dad29 said...

You mean if Slumlord Lee Holloway and his band of merry morons on the Board had LET him address it, capper?

Because THEY did not move the proposal forward as required by law.

capper said...

A good thing they didn't, too. Walker's original deal was with Hurtgen of Bearns Stein in IL. Hurtgen is now facing federal charges for his hijinx and BS is (or is it "has") gone down the drain. We would have been stuck with an even worse mess.

Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhh, no.

Hurtgen is not clean. But so what?

The County could have sold the bonds--what "mess" are you talking about?

Doesn't matter WHO sells them.

So, Capper, once again, you completely fail to understand: your problem is SlumLordLee and DirtballDoyle.

Let me know how it goes with the new meds.