Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Better Idea for "Porkulus"

While I am not sold at all on the debt-increase of the Fed, here's another possibility for the Spend It All Now Bill...

What if we took that half of that money--say $400 billion, and distributed it as targeted tax credits (for new home purchases, new car purchases, new appliances--not including consumer electronics which is mostly made abroad)? If thirty million Americans took advantage of this, and spent an average of $13,333 each buying houses, cars, refrigerators, washing machines--do you think that would liven up the economy a bit?

That's Clay Cramer's thought. And if you want to goose consumer purchases, that is what one would do.

But hey--as Cramer observes:

But that would help thirty million ordinary Americans--not a carefully selected group of Americans who have political connections that will enable them to benefit from the stimulus.

Obey swears there's no "pork" in the bill. Really, honestly, that's what he says.

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