Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lies, Damn Lies, and Ruuudeeee!

When declares that your numbers are misleading...

Mr. Giuliani told a television interviewer that New York was “the only city in America that has reduced crime every single year since 1994.” In New Hampshire this week, he told a public forum that when he became mayor in 1994, New York “had been averaging like 1,800, 1,900 murders for almost 30 years.” When a recent Republican debate turned to the question of fiscal responsibility, he boasted that “under me, spending went down by 7 percent.”

All of these statements are incomplete, exaggerated or just plain wrong. And while, to be sure, all candidates use misleading statistics from time to time, Mr. Giuliani has made statistics a central part of his candidacy as he campaigns on his record.

Well, yah, but, hey, he's a politician...(see my masthead for thoughts of G K Chesterton on the matter of politicians. His thoughts parallel mine.)

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