Friday, December 07, 2007

How to Acquire a Gun (or several)....

For the twits who think that putting up a "Gun-Free Zone" sticker on their door will actually stop the goblins, a story from Atlanta.

A crew of brazen thieves stole an arsenal of nearly 80 weapons from a Fayette County gun shop early Wednesday after using a stolen pickup truck to rip burglar bars from the front of the store.

Security video showed that the six suspects were inside Autrey's Armory on Bethea Road at West Fayetteville Road for only about 70 seconds during the 4 a.m. burglary, Fayette sheriff's Lt. Belinda McCastle said.

McCastle said the suspects, all wearing hooded sweatshirts that covered their faces, were very organized.

"It appeared that each individual had an assigned task," she said. "They did not fumble over each other, they went in, crashed the counters, swiped the weapons and boom, they were out of there."

Most of the 75 to 80 guns stolen were handguns manufactured by Glock and Sig Sauer, McCastle said.

The thieves also stole a Springfield .308 semiautomatic rifle with a collapsible stock and bipod, she said.

And I'm sure that they went back to fill in the paperwork later. /sarcasm

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3rd way said...

Would it help if all the weapons in the store had to have mandated trigger locks installed?

Dan said...

No, because the criminals would find a way to get the locks off the guns.
If I am not mistaken, gun locks are to deter kids from firing guns.

Dad29 said...

Not likely, at least in this case.

Notice that the report states the thieves 'knew what they were doing.'

Given that, if the locks were on, the theives would have known where to find the KEYS to the locks, too.

It's possible to burden a retailer with an ordinance requiring the locks be installed--but it would be a helluva burden. The retailer would have to find the key for X gun, then Y gun, (etc., etc.,) as a browser wanted to look at them.

If the keys are near the displays, then the thieves have the keys.

If the keys are kept in another location, then the retailer has to go back-and-forth...yada yada.

Could be done, I suppose, and effective IF the thieves don't know what to look for and where.

3rd way said...

Public safety should come before retailers convenience. When I am king I will pass a law mandating trigger locks on all guns at all times when not in use. In retail locations keys to trigger locks will have to be stored in locked safes while stores are closed.