Monday, December 10, 2007

Brokered Pubbie Convention? Odds Are...

Hell, I'M not going to put big bucks on it, but Freddoso is the second pundit to make the observation.

(Belling has spent about 200 hours in the last week telling you that it's all over on 2/1. Would you like some of that action? Or would you just like him to STFU about it?)

The February 5 Super-Duper Tuesday is something completely new — it could have all kinds of unintended consequences. In the past, the large number of late delegates has allowed voters to unite around a single candidate late in the game, after he proved himself early on. This will not be so easy this time, as Republican voters will choose 1,102 of roughly 2,500 delegates on a single day, not knowing what their fellow Republicans will do in other states. Given this dynamic, and the lack of a clear frontrunner at the moment, the odds of a brokered convention have never been better.

To make it fun, Fred Thompson has to start rolling the "mo" about now--he's currently at about 10% in a couple of national polls. If he ramps up, buy a stash of popcorn.


Jb said...

What, pray tell, is a "pubbie" and why does it sound like something I should have learned about in 7th grade health class?

steveegg said...

Thompson's "big mo" bus is starting in Iowa next week. The ever-lovely Mary Katharine Ham said that's a bit late; only problem with starting early this week is we're about to get a small taste of what Iowa's getting slammed with right now.

Dad29 said...

A "pubbie" is a Republican.

And in Health Class, you learn about Democrats, like Bill Clinton.

They are bad for your health.