Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kosovo, Condi, and Ft. Dix: Albanian Terror Part I

Limbaugh brought it up, and this pair of grafs is interesting:

Serb immigrants’ web sites noted that US officials carefully avoided identifying the four ethnic Albanians as such, calling them only "Islamic militants from former Yugoslavia." A commentator on the SerbBlog said that Washington, which backs independence for Kosovo, is embarrassed by the discovery of the Fort Dix plot, "because the truth might mess up the PR for Kosovo Albanians getting to rip off a piece of Serbia to create their own country - a move that has the full support of the US State Department."

Belgrade military analyst Zoran Dragisic said the Fort Dix plot “once again shows that Islamist terrorism is highly organised - from Kosovo to America - and the US intelligence services know this very well." Dragsic expressed doubt, however, that the latest incident would change the American stance on Kosovo, “because Washington doesn’t change its positions easily."

Recall your history. The Muslim invasion of Europe was stopped at the gates of Vienna, but not all the Muslims left. Many remained in Serbia, Croatia, and Albania, and have been causing trouble ever since for the Serbs and the Croatians. They played the aggrieved party during the Clinton-led attack on Milosevic.

They are still playing the part, and as you can see, the Serbians still don't like it. But the US State Department has its own agenda, (not necessarily consonant with the US' national interests) and Condi hasn't yet figured out who the bad-guys are.

Hmmmm. Six "ethnic Albanian" Muslims. Young men. Coulter will have to change her lines, but only a small bit...

UPDATE: Apparently, three of the Albanians entered the US illegally, crossing the border near Brownsville, TX. Another of the terrorists was from Turkey. Another was from Jordan. A fourth was also Albanian.


Jan Sobieski said...

Julia Gorin covers this well at FrontPage. In criticizing America’s intervention in Kosovo in the 1990s, she states, “when you don’t stop to figure out the historical context of a conflict that will tell you who the actual aggressor is; when you don’t corroborate horror stories by the complainant; when you don’t try to figure out which belligerent happens to also be hostile to your own society; and you instead go full throttle for a cheap moral victory and a Pulitzer, the bad guys will get you next.”

See this link for the whole article. It’s worth reading.

James Pawlak said...