Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free Speech Elimination Bill: SB77

HT: Fraley

SB77 is a vile, low, and dirty piece of legislation which would prevent organizations from disseminating objective information about candidates within 60 days of an election.

The sponsors?

Senators Erpenbach, Ellis, Lehman, Wirch, Harsdorf, Carpenter, Risser, Cowles and Breske; cosponsored by Representatives Travis, Hebl, Turner, Sherman, Black, Davis, Berceau, Sheridan, Van Akkeren, Pocan, Zepnick, Cullen, Soletski and Kaufert.

Mike Ellis manages to sink further into the mire of Self-Aggrandizement--a feat which should be recognized.

The rest, of course, are the Usual Suspects--"Mr Veto," (Risser) "Mr Flip-Flop" (Sherman), are just doing their normal thing.

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