Thursday, May 10, 2007

Estrogen-Laden "America" Jebbies on Guns

Evidently forgetting that the Founder of the Order was a weapons-totin' kinda guy, the EstrogenJebbies spew a few "anti" half-truths at America.

Inter alia, this hooter:

The N.R.A. endlessly repeats its mistaken interpretation of the Second Amendment, that “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The amendment was written at a time well before the creation of local and state police forces, when local militias did serve a purpose, but that time is long past.

So many targets, so few bullets--in just .5 graf!

For openers, what, exactly IS the "mistaken interpretation"? The bedwetter editorialist is silent. Maybe he/she doesn't know...

And while the Second mentions 'militia,' it also encompasses the right to self-defense, which happens to be enshrined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church here, here, and here. The most efficient means to self-defense happens to be guns.

One is left to wonder where anyone in their non-estrogenated mind finds "cop shop" in the penumbras, emanations, or text of the 2A, although it's possible that the author saw it there in a dream one night...

Gun shows offer an equally great loophole. Kristen Rand, legislative director at the nonprofit Violence Policy Center in Washington, told America that in most states it is still possible for unlicensed sellers to sell firearms to customers with no background check at all.

See Mayor Tom's rant, below. Also see the statistics provided by responsible authorities.

Adding to the difficulties faced by gun control advocates is a harmful legislative measure with national implications, the Tiahrt amendment. Attached to the Justice Department’s appropriations bill, it limits the use of gun-trace data to all except those law enforcement officials who are attempting to find the source of illegal firearms used in particular cases

One supposes that the editorialist should have credited Mayor Bloomberg for the quote, but he/she did not. In any case, that's a half-truth, at best.

Let me be clear: neither the congressional language nor ATF rules prohibit the sharing of trace data with law enforcement conducting criminal investigations, or place any restrictions on the sharing of trace data with other jurisdictions once it is in the hands of state or local law enforcement. In fact, multi-jurisdictional trace data is also utilized by ATF and shared with fellow law-enforcement agencies to identify firearm-trafficking trends and leads. Additionally, nothing prohibits ATF from releasing our own reports that analyze trace-data trends that could be used by law enforcement." (ATFE Director Michael Sullivan, May 2007)

Ironic humor alert!! At the bottom of the editorial, the magazine asks whether 'you agree with the content.' In their OWN website, disapproval is 80% as of this writing.


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