Friday, May 11, 2007

Are You REALLY Prepared?

A short list of the "necessary things" in case events become, ah, ....threatening:

...After all, he had not bought the house because he wanted to make friends but rather, he said, because it was at the end of a dead-end street and offered an advantageous line of fire. The house was two stories, with dormer windows, and contained a small arsenal. There were bullets everywhere -- in boxes, in the bathroom, on bookshelves, a few scattered on the floor -- like candy in the home of a fat man. There were a lot of knives, too, the fighting kind, with handles like brass knuckles. There was a handgun secreted away in the couch that faced the forty-three-inch TV screen, another next to the computer keyboard, and another on top of the refrigerator. In Zeke’s bedroom, there were two handguns on his nightstand and a black pump-action shotgun propped in the corner. In one of the spare bedrooms, there was an empty black case, very long and designed to carry the long rifle -- Zeke said he preferred a Remington 700 -- that snipers use. There was a Ruger .22-caliber Mark II long-rifle target pistol. There was a scope next to a pair of black gloves. There were a dozen empty magazines, a magazine half filled with bullets, and three magazines that were fully loaded. There were a couple of holsters, a stock, a shooting brace, and a metal case filled with 7.62mm shells. On the floor, there was a pair of handcuffs and a big box filled with smaller boxes of bullets. On the shelf bracketing another wall, there were two Kevlar helmets, a set of pads for a shooter’s knees and elbows, and a long coiled rope. In the corner, there was a backpack, ready to go, and then a duffel bag, olive-green and already packed with clothing and gear, so that if Zeke ever got called on a mission, he would be able to leave -- and leave everything behind, ...

So far, I'm short the Kevlar helmets, the 7.62mm bullets, the Rem 700, about 3 9mm pistols, the holsters, the handcuffs, and the padding for shooting, not to mention several thousand rounds in various calibers.

And my packs are not OD, but my duffel-bag is.

Ah, well. Father's Day is coming!

HT: Headless


Anonymous said...

Gonna save the world?

Dad29 said...

Nah. I figure that should be sufficient for my family's needs if the SHTF--

--for about 3 days.