Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who Convicted Georgia Thompson?

Hint: it was NOT Steve Biskupic. It was NOT the Federal judge.

It was a JURY OF PEERS who convicted Ms. Thompson.

Not everyone believes this. Witness Xoff:

What the Thompson verdict means is that the Journal Sentinel, WKOW-TV, and Steve Biskupic railroaded an innocent woman into prison and ruined her life.

And, of course, Xoff goes on to intimate that State taxpayers should ignore the pattern found in DarthDoyle's conduct--the pattern favoring certain well-heeled and VERY generous interests.

Ignoring patterns of bad behavior ordinarily enables and empowers the bad guys.

Steve Biskupic decided not to ignore the pattern.

The Shark has (as usual) some perceptive comments and questions on the event. To wit:

There is a sense in which the decision seems like it may have turned on the notion of "no harm, no foul." (Given that the competing offers were within a smidgin of being exactly equal in value.)

[Without having seen the decision] ...Did higher-ups in the Doyle administration intervene on behalf of Adelman? Is that a regular occurrence? How did Thompson come to believe (as the jury apparently felt she did) that her "bosses" wanted Adelman (particularly because, as the panel noted, there was no evidence that she was aware of the contribution)? None of this may have been pertinent to the court's decision.

We don't know a LOT of things, yet. But there is an ongoing FBI investigation...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just eat a healthy serving of crow and be done with it? Put the hairshirt on and wear it for a day or two?

Doyle is not a crook, no more than Tommy G. Thompson was a crook. Collecting campaign donations is legal. The system ain't pretty, but it's legal.

Much of the time you seem like a bright fellow (cranky, but bright). Just because you disagree with the Governor's political philosophy doesn't make him a crook.

Dad29 said...

Granted--at this time, DarthDoyle is not convicted of anything.

Tommy won't be, either.

Recall that Ms Lautenschlaeger and Mr. Blanchard ALSO participated in the investigation of Ms. Thompson.

Look--I feel sorry for the woman; but that doesn't change the jury's decision, does it?

grumps said...

No. The Court of Appeals changed that. The jury verdict was found to be based on a non-existent case.

There is no guilty person, no crime. Believe what you need to to get you through the night but Georgia Thompson didn't flip because there was no one to flip on.


Dad29 said...

Well, Grumpy, that leaves a big mystery: how did Ms T. know that 'her superiors would be happier' with the Adelman decision?

In any case, the jury convicted her, not the US Attorney. And the Appeals court reversed.

That's Chapter One.