Monday, April 02, 2007

Shirley's Dilemma: Gun Rights in the WI Constitution

As we all know, Screechin'Shirley has enunciated her theme: The New Federalism.

Under this theory, the State's Constitution should be applied in cases where the US Constitution may be more restrictive than the State's--for example, in police procedures, where Shirley & Co. now require video- or audio-tape of juvenile interrogations.

But there's a fly growing in her ointment, as expressed by Barrister Esenberg:

But, even if the federal constitution can be read to limit the right of gun ownership to militias, our state constitution cannot be.

So under Shirley's New Federalism, does the Wisconsin Supreme Court actually follow the Wisconsin Constitution?

Well, no. In fact, "HELL NO!!"

This goes to show that the "New Federalism" is at least partly "NewSpeak."

What a country!!

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