Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Public Policy Bans Immoral Conduct!

Who knew that this 'teacher-peeper' case would start what is potentially a very interesting debate?

A judge has ruled that the Cedarburg School District was within its rights to fire Robert Zellner, a teacher who viewed pornography on his school computer.

We heartily and loudly applaud Judge McCormack for pointing out the obvious:

In deciding the case in the School Board's favor, McCormack concluded it was necessary to take the rare step of overturning an arbitrator's decision because the decision failed to consider that Zellner's actions amounted to "immoral conduct."

The judge wrote that "clearly the expression of the public policy in this state as set forth in (state law) should be sufficient notice to any person that there will be severe consequences when any rule violation crosses into such type of conduct."

We can expect the following:

1) Utter derision will be piled on this judge by all the usual suspects; he will be the New Icon for "moralism" and the editorials will drag up images of the Salem Witch Burnings, Torquemada, McCarthy, and Gitmo. (No, Gitmo doesn't apply, but who cares? They'll slap Bush, too.)

2) VERY faint praise for the judge from the "illuminati" faux-conservatives. After all, they're generally 'positivists,' who think that the State should not 'legislate morality.' Watch them attempt to reconfigure their "separation of Church and State" arguments to fit a little voyeurism into the tent--and "moral" considerations OUT of the tent.

WEAC, of course, will take this thing to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Men/boys' separation lines are forming now.

Finally, a quote for the Judge, who will need some support:

"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor
and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

—C.S. Lewis

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