Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Predicting Unsettled Times--DoyleCare

Seth thinks that DoyleCare is coming soon:

But this article by Milwaukee-based writer Roger Bybee on health care reform in Wisconsin that appeared on the American Prospect website last week does delve into some new points that I haven't seen mentioned in the state or local media.

The thrust of the article centers on the Wisconsin Health Care Reform Campaign, formed last month as an umbrella group for 31 organizations (and counting) pushing for health care reform in the state. The participating organizations range from labor unions to the AARP to Planned Parenthood to the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

There has been some talk that none of the three health care reform proposals out there today -- the Wisconsin Health Plan, the Wisconsin Health Care Partnership Plan, and the Wisconsin Health Security Plan -- would be the actual proposal that moves forward to the state legislature, and Bybee's article confirms that.

And that's where the Wisconsin Health Care Reform Campaign comes into the picture. Not only has the group served as an umbrella organization for the Wisconsin groups and citizens who want to help push comprehensive health care reform, it also has been the sponsor of a number of public forums on health care reform around the state that are aimed specifically at coming up with a "unity" plan that can be brought to the legislature.

Bybee notes in the American Prospect article that the unity plan could come as early as next month.

The rest of Seth's post mentions the likely opponents and their points of view.

Seth (and all the other proponents of State Health Care) have yet to mention the only issue that really counts: quality and timeliness of health services.

They don't mention it because they cannot. Their position must be purely defensive, because there's a lot of ammo for those who legitimately question the long-run maintenance or enhancement of quality in ANY State-run system.

It's time for my "DarthDoyle" moniker to get bigger play. He's not just about killing babies any more.

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