Monday, April 09, 2007

More "Fiddling" With Papal Documents

We noted earlier that Fr. Z had found a major error in the translation of the Pope's document Sacramentum caritatis and that a correction had been made.

Well, there's another one--similarly significant.

Here's the Latin:

Quod peculiari modo in humilitate exprimitur quacum sacerdos actionem ducit liturgicam, in oboedientia erga ritum, cui corde et mente respondet, omnia vitans quae speciem praebere possunt alicuius propriae importunae actionis.

Here's the English 'translation' which was published:

This is seen particularly in his humility in leading the liturgical assembly, in obedience to the rite, uniting himself to it in mind and heart, and avoiding anything that might give the impression of an inordinate emphasis on his own personality.

Your basic first-year Latin student knows that "actionem ducit liturgicam" does NOT translate to "leading the liturgical assembly," and someone with ZERO knowledge of Latin can discern the difference in roots between "actio" and "assembly."

Methinks there may be a sudden change coming upon the Translations Department...

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