Sunday, April 01, 2007

More "Border Security"

One notes ironically that the initials of "Border Security" are revelatory.

A few days ago, a rickety wooden sailboat overloaded with some 100 illegal Haitians penetrated our nation's coastal defenses in south Florida. The Haitians made landfall just north of Miami near a fire station along the beach and, thanks to observant citizens, authorities did manage to capture what were by then compliant but dehydrated and voyage weary wannabe refugees, one of whom unfortunately died in the effort to reach American shores. This is yet another sad chapter in the ongoing sad saga of the poor and porous border security we have in the United States.

If 100+ hapless Haitian refugees on a decrepit wooden sailboat can evade detection by the best efforts of the US military and law enforcement to secure our borders from such intrusion, can we truly expect that a sophisticated and well funded terrorist organization, or hostile foreign intelligence service, will have any trouble penetrating those border defenses?

Not to worry. Chertoff's Airport Security Group has (to date) completely prevented Midwestern grannies from boarding aircraft armed with dangerous containers of toothpaste and shampoo.

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