Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Future NYT Reporter--Right Here in Milwaukee

This guy has just secured himself a slot at the NYSlimes.

Thus when Marquette Tribune writer Eric Lombardi wrote a story about a meeting of Marquette University Student Government, he apparently didn’t like the fact that a Business Senator named Scott Seramur spoke against a measure to give gay and lesbian employees “domestic partner” benefits.

When Lombardi write the story he also wrote a headline that said “Scott Scott Seramur proves how much of an official f***nut he really is.” A subhead said: “Heather’s roommate exclaims ‘See Marquette DOES hate gays.’”

The concerns of the Marquette Warrior and GOP3 are obviously overblown. This guy was merely working on securing a well-rewarded position.

Isn't that the objective of going to J-School?

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