Monday, April 02, 2007

DarthDoyle Math

Seems that DarthDoyle wants to provide free rubbers for low-income males as young as 15 by expanding a federal program designed to reduce pregnancies and lower Medicaid costs.

This is a "money-saving" measure, of course.

Just like THIS one:

Wisconsin is one of 25 states to have received a family planning waiver, according to the Guttmacher Institute in New York City. Seven of those states provide services to men and women, while eight provide services only to women 19 and older, according to the institute.
The Wisconsin waiver went into effect in January 2003 and expires at the end of this year. Officials plan to submit a request for renewal this summer.

Wisconsin officials say the program, available to girls and women whose incomes are less than 185 percent of the poverty level, has reduced pregnancies and saved taxpayers money.
The program cost $46 million through December 2006, with the state paying about 15 percent and the federal government paying about 85 percent.

In 2003, the only year for which the state provided data, an estimated 1,278 births were averted, officials said.

Um humnnnhhhh. Next paragraph:

State officials say they are still calculating the cost savings from those averted pregnancies

Let me assist. 1,275 times $8K equals $10,200,000.00. So let's calculate a little further:

There's $46 million spent in three years, meaning $15 million + in one year.

So we spent $15 million to save $10 million.

DarthMath! We SAVED MONEY!!

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