Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Conservatives: Can the Robocalls!!

During the SC campaign, I think I got at least two dozen robocalls--as many as three or four a day during last week.

By and large, they came from Ziegler supporters.

I cannot describe this as "irritating" or "bothersome." There are better words, but all of them are compound-adjectives beginning with Anglo-Saxon crudities. You get the idea, right?

Frankly, if it weren't so damned important that I vote, I'd have sat this one out.

The calls must stop. It's one part of the Karl Rove legacy that the Republicans should immediately s&^%can.



Marcus Aurelius said...

It didn't take Karl Rove to think that one up. All it took was a techno-political geek.

I could probably spend one Saturday and have my system robo-calling.

Dad29 said...

Whoever it was, they can fry in Hell if I'm given a vote on it.