Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Clifford Lying Machine

Frankly, I'd vote against Ms. Clifford just because she has insulted the intelligence of Wisconsin voters...but hey! DarthDoyle did it and won.

And although this is very late, it's also useful:

Clifford’s campaign claims that nearly 60% of the child sex offenders (1st and 2nd Degree Sexual Assault and Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child) sentenced by Judge Ziegler were given a year in jail or less. However, they include the following cases in their calculation:

1997CF000270 – The sentence in that case was handed down by Judge Richard Becker, not Judge Ziegler.

2001CF000271 – The defendant in this case was sentenced in multiple cases (see 2001CF000359) on March 15, 2002 and was given 25 years in prison by Judge Ziegler for his crimes.

2000CF000432 – The defendant in this case was convicted of a misdemeanor and not eligible for prison. In eight of the nine remaining cases Clifford cites, Judge Ziegler simply was signing off on the district attorney’s joint agreement.

The question of "substitutions" is also germane:

Additionally, since 2000, Ziegler has been substituted ten times in child sex offender cases. During that same period of time, the other three judges in Washington County were only substituted for in a cumulative total of four child sex offense cases. That means Judge Ziegler has been substituted on over twice as many times in child sex offender cases as the other three judges combined.

Sex offenders don't want Ziegler to sentence them...

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m.z. forrest said...

This is one of the biggest non-issues out there. I'm not sure which candidate bothers me more on this count.

Clifford should know that the campaign is for the Supreme Court. Ziegler isn't running to be a trail judge. It is silly to cite sentencing against her.

Ziegler then attempts to make her bonafides by bragging about 45 and 60 year prison terms. Nothing like playing to people's paranoia.

I would vote none of the above, but that wouldn't accomplish a whole lot. This is just one more reason why judges shouldn't be elected.

Dad29 said...

Ziegler shoulda stuck to the "judicial philosophy" thing, except that it doesn't fit into 30-second spots.

Clifford is just a piece of shit.