Thursday, September 30, 2010

Released by Sankovitz, Going Back to Prison

Oh, well. Maybe the judge will learn something.

Keith Kalota, a paranoid schizophrenic who in 1987 stabbed to death his wife and two small children at their Milwaukee home, was back in custody Thursday, accused of violating the terms of his conditional release by attacking a woman.

...He was found not guilty by reason by of mental disease and confined to Mendota Mental Health Institute in November 1987. He was granted conditional release by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Richard Sankovitz in November 2003.

At least it's not another coroner call.


  1. I've volunteeered with Keith at a meal program for the past 4 years. There is more to this story. He was worried recently because his girlfriend said she would ruin him if he tried to leave her. She stole his car, maxed out his credit cards and got him arrested, according to my source. Innocent until proven guilty I guess doesn't apply to those diagnosed with a mental illness. I hope the truth comes out, whatever it is.

  2. I volunteered with him too. This news is difficult to grasp. He's such a nice person and he helped so many people at the meal program. It's hard to believe. I hope the truth comes out too or at the very least, if he needs help, he gets it.

  3. If he didn't get help in the 16 years he was in Mendota, why would they be able to help him now? When someone with schizophrenia stops taking their medication, bad things happen. In case you don't remember he was on probation from killing his wife and two children, also when off medication. He knew the consequenses of violating terms of parole.


  4. Okay, just found out she recanted her whole story. He did nothing, but shouldn't have had his girlfreind living at his home. Where is this information in the press and blogs? He was afaid of HER! awful situation...