Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Is 'The West' a Dead Man Walking?

Wauck, never a cockeyed optimist, digs up an essay by Alastair Crooke which is gloomy, but not far-fetched. 

The USDollar, once the king of currencies, is capitulating to another 'petrodollar'--the ruble.  (Or gold, if you prefer.)  That is a result of two different forces: 1)  the perception that the US will default due to its insane belief in the "Magic Monetary Theory" resulting in horrific debt; and 2)  the success of Russia in assembling a non-Western alliance including Saudi Arabia and Iran, plus Brazil, South Africa, and China.  Note well the petroleum production heft therein and also note that BRICS is expanding, not contracting.  One could also say that Russia is not really assembling that alliance so much as the US is alienating countries who then look elsewhere.

Oh, yes, there is history which must be recognized.

Davos is really the fruit of the David Rockefeller anti-humanity movement.  Rockefeller--a truly evil man--financed a large blob of anti-human entities and theories organized under the "Green" umbrella.  But that fruit was always rotten, given its parentage, and Davos is now a discredited laughingstock. 

 ...the fact of Davos sinking into creepy idiosyncrasy is significant – highly significant.

It is significant because it marks a discontinuity in that ‘odd couple’ spectrum of the European climate zealots teaming up with the U.S. and British neocon Russophobes. It was always an oddity that the German Green Party – once anti-war – has become such an avid supporter of war with Russia....

But that doesn't mean that the perverted alliance--eco-nuts and Russia-haters--won't have a final paroxysm of destruction.  The Russia-haters have powerful allies in the US called 'the military-industrial complex' and they rather like war.  The eco-nuts don't mind war at all because war kills people.

So did Covid, and so did that Vexxine, come to think of it.  Coincidence?

...the Rockefeller-Davos prescription was always a scam for blowing a new financial bubble to keep the dollar hegemony project afloat. The world however, is moving on from the Davos unitary world governance prescription, to de-centralisation and multi polarity – in pursuit of the renaissance of autonomy, historic values and sovereignty. At the WEF this year, it was obvious: Davos is passé....

But it gets more interesting!!!

 ...The axis of states “at war with Russia” stand at the edge of an economic precipice. Living standards are collapsing at the fastest rate since WW2. Anger, slow to ignite, is now burgeoning. The British and EU political classes have no answers to this crisis. The Ruling Class try to sit tight, and trust that the people will accept all ‘things’: Spiralling prices, jobs priced out by higher energy costs, empty spaces on shop shelves, the energy spikes – and the pockets of system dysfunctionality (i.e., at airports and on transport systems) that confound the smooth running of society. It’s the same for Americans.

The flunkies charged with the management and the running of ‘the system’ are confused. Their (high) self-esteem until now has rested on their articulation of ‘correct views’ and espousing the ‘prescribed causes’ – more than manifesting any particular competence in their work. Now they do not know what to say, or which cause is ‘correct’. Narratives are falling apart; the Twitter revelations have disrupted the former ‘equilibrium’....

The war on farming in Western Europe and to a lesser extent in the US, along with the outright crazy idea of replacing beef and corn with bugs and re-packing populations into "15-Minute Cities" is not going over well; nor is the war on heated and cooled homes.  In the US, with well over 300 million guns at the disposal of the citizens, ....well..... do you think Pete Buttplug, or Mayorkas, or even more sacred cows such as Obama and Harris, are prepared for kinetic resistance?  Do you think their Nancy-Boy FBI lawyers and accountants are?

There is a re-alignment.  The US electorate can choose to change its Government--wholesale--and perhaps salvage some goodwill as a result.

Or it can choose to continue its delusion.  After all, we have the Super Bowl, right?  And so far, we have bread, too!!


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