Saturday, January 28, 2023

Surprise!! +McElroy Endorses Sin!

There can be little doubt that today's 'regular-Joe' Catholic is disappointed and perhaps a bit stressed about the condition of the Roman Catholic Church.  Aside from a Pope who likes idolatry (PachaMaMa) and is on--if not over--the edge on sexual morals, we in the US also share a problem with Germany:  outright contradiction of Catholic moral teaching and sacramental discipline by prominent Bishops and Cardinals.


...One of America’s top liberal bishops [McElroy/San Diego] is ramping up his attacks on Catholic teaching and tradition, insisting that homosexuals and remarried couples in “objectively grave sin” be allowed to receive the Eucharist and that women be admitted to the diaconate....

It is true that +McElroy lacks imagination and is perfectly happy to be third or fourth in the Race to Schism; he's not a man of intellectual gifts nor of courage--he's just another also-ran in the Brave New World of Progressive race.

But he is a favorite of the current Pope.

Refer back to paragraph one of this post.

Then pray.  Hard.

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  1. Saint Revolution1/28/2023 11:05 PM

    By their actions shall ye know them.

    These are NOT "contradictory" individuals.

    These are latae sententiae excommunicated demonic satan minion "sheol-things" doing all they can to lead the sheep astray.

    These are hellhounds hellbound.

    Including McElroy.