Monday, January 30, 2023

RoJo Truth-Tells on Ukraine

Wauck found this in a podcast from an Englishman.

Christoforou leaves the last word to Ron Johnson, who had just come out of a secured briefing on what's going on in Ukraine. Johnson wanted to talk about budget matters, but in response to a reporter's question he tersely stated:

    "We just came from a secure briefing on that. Um, the question I had was, How are we gonna change the dynamics on the field? Um, so, I certainly wanna support the people of Ukraine, but at some point in time we're gonna hafta start recognizing what the reality on the ground is."

Boom. Exit stage right. Johnson just blew right through that WaPo nonsense about a “stalemate”.

Of course Johnson feels compelled to maintain the pretense that this is Ukraine's war. But we all know what he's saying: The dynamics and the reality on the ground are that Russia is winning and is in no particular hurry to stop the winning any time soon. How can the US--the real power behind the war on Russia--change those dynamics? By recognizing what the reality on the ground is. In other words, by accepting defeat and entering into negotiations with Russia on terms of equality.
The reality on the ground is that this party's over and we're going to have to buy titanium ore at market prices instead of stealing it from Ukraine's mines.


  1. Oh, Dad, just keep on believing the Russia propaganda.
    How did that 10 day prediction of yours turn out?
    Maybe you need to study the history of war.
    If a country is willing to fight for their land, 99% of the time, they will win or have a stalemate. They know the land and the people.
    But keep on drinking the Putin Kool aid.

  2. You're right, except for one historical fact you didn't study well--if at all: Crimea and Ukraine ARE Russia's land.

    So the Russkies will win.

  3. The Russians are resorting to lobbing bombs and sending in untrained troops.
    They lost a lot of leaders besides thousands upon thousands of soldiers.
    And most Russians are not supporting the war.
    Meanwhile, they are playing on Ukraine's court and have home field advantage.
    All you have to do is look at Afghanistan in the past couple of decades.