Saturday, January 28, 2023

Patrick Buchanan

PJBuchanan has retired from public life, after a public life very well-lived.  We were fortunate to meet him and spend a bit of time hustling votes for him during the '92 primary...........egads.........that was THIRTY years ago.

Another fellow writes:

...Pat Buchanan stands head and shoulders above the other political men of these last few generations for a simple reason: He has been, since the era of Richard Nixon, a man in the arena who knew and thought the things that American men have known and thought since the founding of the country.

The productive jobs with which American men once supported families and built an empire should not be sold by global oligarchs to third-world wage slaves for pennies on the dollar.

The vibrant factory and farming towns that once dotted the continent from coast to coast cannot be left hollowed out and rotting, nowheres for the heroin-addled sons of American stock to live and die and kill in without ever darkening the doors of churches in whose overgrown yards their ancestors are buried.

Once-great cities like Detroit, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco cannot be allowed to crumble while violent criminals rule their streets and untold millions of dollars flow from American workers’ hard-earned wages to the federal government’s unjust taxes and then to the pockets of grifter activists and crooked politicians.

When the border is a warzone; when enough drugs to kill the whole population are trafficked by organized cartels while the federal government sits on its hands; when American labor cannot keep up with illegal competition, we do not have a country.

American boys should not be sent to die in the deserts and mountains of foreign lands for causes that have nothing to do with them, or with their country, or with their faith—to lay down their lives in service to an order that does not know their names, that does not know any better than they do why they have to go.

American children should not be compelled in state-run schools to spit on the graves of their forefathers.

The natural and moral law written immutably at the moment of creation was not overturned by human powers in 1973, or in 2003, or in 2015.

These are a few of the simple truths Buchanan has affirmed, week after thankless week, no matter how far or how quickly they fell out of popular favor....

It is true that Donald Trump took a number of those ideas and re-floated them, leading to his success in the '16 election and his success in the '20 (which was stolen.)

That theft leads to the question:  Who Benefits when Buchanan's and Trump's ideas are forcibly removed from the table?

When we learn the answers, there will be (brief) trials before the executions commence.  And don't give me that "violence is evil' crap while you live a privileged life, existing in a country created by violence, jackwad.


  1. I was proud to have voted for him in the primary.

  2. Saint Revolution1/28/2023 10:42 PM

    Trying to compare
    "Don The Con" controlled opposition Trump
    is like trying to compare
    treasonous traitor Kenyan OTrauma