Sunday, January 22, 2023

Only 7.7%??

Lookie here, friends!

...after multiple legal demands, appeals, and two federal lawsuits, the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court ordered schedule compelling it to produce the data.  Now that ICAN, and therefore the public, have received the check-the-box portions (as opposed to the free-text field portions) of this data, the data itself may explain why the CDC refused to release it without a fight. 

V-safe’s data shows that 7.7% of its approximate 10 million users reported having to receive medical care after receipt of a Covid-19 vaccine, and over 70% of those users sought outpatient/urgent clinical care, emergency room care, and/or were hospitalized. ...

Only 7.7%, you see, and only 70++% of them were sick enough to go to a clinic, ER, or hospital room.

No big deal.  

And if you think it's a big deal, you're obviously a raaaaaaaaaaacissssssssssss Q-anon J-6 election-fraud conspiracy theorist.  And probably homophobic, too.

So there!


  1. Saint Revolution1/24/2023 7:07 AM

    No such word as homophobic.
    Never has been.
    Not even coined.
    Coined implies widespread public acceptance.
    Just made-up.
    Then forced upon Man.
    Another example of the raping of a language.

    It was the heterophobic fags and dykes punching back in the air at what they perceived was a (non-existent) enemy.

    There was a time when homosexuals had self-respect and respect for others. Liberace, Raymond Burr, Robert Reed (Brady Bunch Dad, classically trained actor), Rock Hudson, even Sal Mineo, stayed in the closet, suffered and pondered their proclivities privately and didn't make the rest of the world suffer for their self-hate, and respected the hell out of themselves and the rest of us. In turn, we looked the other way, prayed for their Souls, pondered in confusion their proclivities, and each side went on with life.

    Now the fags and dykes are all in our faces about it, wanna take over the world and our Children, and are more self-loathing, self-hating, and confused about their proclivities than ever. They despise themselves and are lashing out at the world.

    No such word as homophobic. Never has been. Made-up word.

    It's the heterophobic self-loathing fags and dykes punching back in the air at what they perceive is a (non-existent) enemy.

    What these filth need is God-phobia ... The Fear Of God. 'Cuz God WILL squash 'em like a bug if they don't r-r-r-epent (roll yer "r" here).

    Some things in Faith simply do not change no matter how much certain Sinners believe they do.

  2. Project Veritas Videos are fun to watch and I did my due diligence to find supporting evidence against Pfizer to verify the Videos

    Video 1. Tucker Carlson calls out Pfizer's alleged manipulation during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Video 2 Pfizer director loses it when confronted by James O’Keefe, tells cops he feels very unsafe

    Video 3 Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director, assaults James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recording. James O'Keefe may as well have been an Apostle casting out a demon the way that dude was convulsing.

    Back Up Evidence:

    Who is "Jordon Trishton Walker"? Project Veritas recently released a video featuring "Jordon Trishton Walker," Pfizer executive who revealed shocking new info. But finding anything about him is tough. Here is what I've found so far.