Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Now Comes a Bush-China Problem

You always knew, in the back of your mind, that this was a possibility.

Another Washington Free Beacon sleuth, Chuck Ross, reports federal money is going to the George H.W. Bush China Foundation, which has close ties with the China-United States Exchange Foundation.

Ross explains:

“According to federal spending records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department in September gave $180,076 to the George H.W. Bush China Foundation, which has partnered with the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation, an organization that promotes the interests of Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. The China-U.S. Exchange Foundation donated $5 million to the Bush China Foundation, a significant portion of its annual revenue, in 2019, Axios reported.

“The Bush China Foundation’s ties to the China-United States Exchange Foundation make it an odd choice for the government grants, which are meant to advance ‘U.S. foreign policy goals.’ The China-United States Exchange Foundation is a top organization in the Chinese government’s United Front system, which the Chinese Communist Party uses to influence foreigners in favor of Beijing’s policies.

You really should not be surprised.

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