Sunday, January 29, 2023

Kilmeade Revives the Old Domino Theory. It's Still Stupid.

The military-industrial (War War!!) complex sold US involvement in Viet Nam by using the 'domino theory':  if the Commies take South Viet Nam, they'll take everything else in SE Asia.  Everything. Then they'll move on the Philippines, then Hawaii, and then California.  (They got California.)

Kilmeade ran the same specious argument against Sen. J.D. Vance the other day.  For whatever historically-uninformed reason, Kilmeade thinks that Ukraine should have Crimea in perpetuity and Russia should be forcibly evicted, otherwise Russia will take over all the rest of Ukraine, then Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and New York State (which is already Communist.)

What Kilmeade did NOT articulate was any good reason that the US should give a flying damn about that dispute.  We didn't give a damn in the 1800's, nor the 1900's, for good reason:  there's nothing in this for the US.  Nothing.

What IS in it?  A lot of money for lots of US military contractors and a small group of politicians.

Kilmeade's not part of that group, is he?

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