Tuesday, January 24, 2023

J6 "Official" Story Falling Apart

It's bad enough that a Capitol Cop murdered (2nd degree) an unarmed demonstrator.

But now it appears that the Clueless Cap Cops also gassed themselves.  (Video at the link)

...body camera footage from a D.C. Metropolitan police officer on duty that day raises serious doubts about the government’s claims and the Times’ face-saving story about what happened to Sicknick. In fact, the video shows how police, not protesters, gassed their fellow officers with chemical spray. Stricken officers, including Sicknick, appear to seek aid and shelter from the toxic gas, causing the collapse of a security line on the west side of the building.

This six-minute clip from Officer Daniel Thau’s body camera shows the accidental discharge of a 40-millimeter canister of a chemical irritant around 2:25 p.m. on January 6. Thau ordered Officer Richard Khoury to aim a launcher with the canister at protesters assembled on scaffolding erected for Biden’s inauguration. “Fire it up in the air,” Thau instructed Khoury. “Just fucking shoot.”

 But Khoury misfired. “What the fuck?” he asked. A large cloud of chemical powder fell short of the scaffolding and instead enveloped a crowd of officers standing on the northern end of the west side of the Capitol. Officers coughed and gasped for air; some were bent over in pain. 

The gas cloud quickly traveled southward to where Sicknick was stationed, propelled by a brisk 18-mile-per-hour wind out of the north in Washington on January 6....

Sicknick died as a result of two strokes which occurred the day after the disturbance (1/7.)

Come to think of it, aren't strokes one of the side-effects of The Vaxx?


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