Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Cong. McCaul Doesn't Know History

War-War McCaul (R-Tx) is an un-informed (or dense) congress-critter.  And he's not very good at needs analysis for the defense of the US, either. 

...The Texas Republican contended that the potential fall of Ukraine could cause a cascade effect, which could create conflict between China and Taiwan.

“If Ukraine falls, Chairman Xi in China’s going to invade Taiwan. It’s Russia, China. Iran is putting drones in Crimea, and North Korea that is putting artillery into Russia,” he explained to CNN....

No, pal.

The Chinese Communists will invade Taiwan no matter the outcome in Ukraine.  That's been on the Red Chinese agenda since Mao.  Further, your BFF Zelenskiy is going to lose this contest no matter how many battalions of tanks we send.

It gets worse.

 ...The war in Ukraine has exposed widespread problems in the American armaments industry that may hobble the U.S. military’s ability to fight a protracted war against China, according to a new study....--quoting the WSJ

 ...According to Seth Jones, senior vice president at CSIS, the defense industrial base in the United States is running at its maximum capacity. But that capacity is currently fixed at the peacetime levels we have grown accustomed to. But while the United States isn’t technically at war in Ukraine, we are burning through ammunition and weapons at a wartime pace. This is not a sustainable situation....

We'd like to have a few tanks and some shells around to defend the US, Mr. McCaul.  Or did you forget which country you live in?

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