Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kleefisch Over-Reaches

Sorry to say it, but this proposal just won't work.

...Rep. Kleefisch looked at Wisconsin state laws regarding missing children. "When I took a look at the statutes, to realize there's nothing specific in place to require a notifying authorities when a child goes missing. I was surprised by that."

Rep. Kleefisch is proposing changes that would give parents a 24 hour window to report their missing child. After parents miss the 24 hour window, they're committing a felony.

This is what's known as "legislating morality": requiring that the right thing be done.

Such legislation has never been enforceable, except in Statist regimes.

Good intentions. Bad legislation.

UPDATE: By the way, if you think I'm unkind to the Rep., see this from McCain.


  1. The Clay Fish's proposal IS bad legislation. But don't tell me we don't constantly attempt to legislate morality, or I'll bring up abortion.

  2. Tim, let me be clear.

    The state is well within its power to make laws restricting activity (such as robbery, murder, fraud...)and abortion. We can debate the merits at another time.

    But the State is NOT able to force its citizens to "do the RIGHT thing". That is the classical definition of "legislating morality."

    Another example of same, albeit more convoluted, is 'hate crime', whereby the state attempts to force citizens into political correctness.

    Doesn't work and is unenforceable except by Statism.

  3. Tim you Idiot.
    Abortion is MURDER most foul,

    Lets just go ahead and remove all legislation preventing murder and see where it gets us?

  4. Let me see. If this was a Democrat, you'd criticize his morals, his wife, his gender, his school, his former boss, anyone who attended the same reception last month, and slowly work your way up to a secret conspiracy about how he received his orders from Obama.