Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Practice Makes Damn-Near Perfect

DaTechGuy makes a very good point about the Arizona legislation.

He's been asked:

...what circumstances would give an officer reasonable suspicion that a person was not a legal resident?...

And has an excellent answer.

One of the things you learn in a job is how to recognize signs, for example, when debuging a system certain performance signs or browser actions will indicate a spyware issue. Others will indicate that temp files haven’t been cleaned out since sometime the Red Sox won the Series. I’ve found after a decade of doing this that I can watch a system for several minutes and have a pretty good idea what is going wrong...

Likewise a police officer who has been trained in law enforcement and spending years or decades in an area where they’ve had to deal with illegal immigration on a daily basis would recognize things that you or I, not having having had said experience would not even think of looking for.

IOW, "practice." For those who STILL don't get it, refer to Lombardi's Sweep.

Since we're dealing with human beings, nothing will be "perfect." But as we've mentioned before, the Lefties (Alinsky-trained) are perfectly willing to play lack of perfection as a total condemnation of any system. (See Rule #4)

Except, of course, their OWN failures. See, e.g., British National HealthCare, or LBJ's management of the VietNam War. Or even the Administration's stupid wild-ass guesses about unemployment with/without Porkulus.


  1. Clue No. 2--You are a dumb white person. I just tricked you. I'm an Mexican-American who has lived here my entire life, with a stable job and family, and wanted to prove how some law enforcement agents exercise "reasonable suspicion".

  2. Interesting how some on the right disdains Alinksy's "Rules For Radicals", then make the claim they must use those same tactics, which are nefarious, to counteract the left! Of course, those on the right use a different name for Alinsky's Rules to eliminate the stigma.

    See Rule #5!!!

  3. So how exactly is asking for their green card - which they are already required by law to carry if they are legal - during a traffic stop any different or more unreasonable than asking for say, my driver's license during a traffic stop?

  4. Las Vegas Metro police already do what the Arizona allows. Any time a person is arrested and brought to jail, there is a group of deputies, deputized by ICE, to spot the illegals and refer them to ICE for deportation, whether they have even been charged with a crime or not.

  5. It's amazing... experienced cops are to be trusted for magical "just knowing" powers, but other government employees grow more incompetent and corrupt with age. How much practice does it take to suspect someone's non-snow-bird skin color or accent? What's the suspicious activities? Landscaping? Housecleaning?