Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tom Barrett: About 50 Years Late

Milk-Carton Tom declares that Scott Walker 'created an ideological war.'

"I think he's loving the fact he's created this ideological war," Barrett said. Barrett was Walker's Democratic opponent in last fall's governor's race. "The whole purpose is to pit people against one another," the mayor said in an interview afterhis annual "state of the city" speech.


That war was started, technically, in 1959, with the State's authorization of public-employee unions.

And their ideology has been forced on taxpayers ever since--at the point of a gun.


John Foust said...

Always with the guns.

Even Faux News says it's 100% politics.

Amy said...

Yeah, the Democrats stand to lose lots of $$$ if da unions can't automatically collect dues - even from people like me who have no use or desire to support Democrat politicians and liberal policies.

So it's all about the politics of keeping the Democrat funds filled with coerced dollars.