Saturday, October 04, 2008

West Point Man

Last in his class--first in a lot of hearts.

Guy is one of the most amazing people I have met in my military career. He had a kind and winsome personality. When we were plebes together at West Point, he told me he turned down a football scholarship to Penn State because he wanted to lead soldiers into battle some day. He got his chance, more than a few times. Guy was, without a doubt, the leader and soul of the West Point class of 1992. It is still hard for us to believe that he is gone.

In May of 1992, Guy R. “Bear” Barattieri achieved the singular distinction of graduating last in his class at West Point. Bear was aptly named, an imposingly large but extremely friendly cadet with a crooked smile whom everyone loved... the first season he injured his back and neck and was forbidden by Army doctors to ever play football again. It was a severe blow to Bear, since the sport had always been a big part of his life. But, as his classmate Chris Jenks relates, “demonstrating the lack of intellect and common sense notable amongst Army Ruggers, decided that technically the doctors never said he couldn't play Rugby, he started playing rugby our yearling year, playing a devastating wing forward.”

Infantry, Green Berets, SF officer, later President of his Seattle Police Academy class, married, 1 child, still in SF with the WaStateNG.

On October 4, 2006, Bear was part of a three-vehicle convoy supplying security near Forward Operating Base Falcon. IED ripped through their vehicle. The Kurds in the front were killed instantly, the driver’s body left burning and the passenger’s having disintegrated. The man next to Bear was severely wounded, and in and out of consciousness. Bear had lost both legs below the knee. ...Bear’s partner was declared DOA. Bear was taken immediately into surgery where he was stabilized, and moved into surgical ICU. There, a short time later, he died

Requiescat in pace, Bear.

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