Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feds Don't Show for Work: It's Bush's Fault!

What a deal!

The federal government has 2.6 million civilian workers, making it the nation's largest employer. But, it turns out a growing number of these workers are not working

...[Sen. Tom] Coburn [R-OK] commissioned the report "Missing in Action: AWOL in the Federal Government," which tracked the number of absent workers without leave, AWOL workers, across 18 government agencies from 2001 to 2007.

It found that federal workers missed nearly 20 million hours of work in the last six years, not including vacation time or sick leave. On average, 2.8 million hours of work are lost per year because of AWOL absences.

The numbers show the formation of a growing trend: Forty-five percent more workers are absent without leave throughout different government agencies than in 2001.

The report found the Veterans Administration and the Department of the Treasury to be the worst violators, together accounting for 60 percent of the lost hours.

D of T? Doesn't that include IRS? Who wants to test that? Capper? Capper??

Alright. All Together Now:

The union that represents many federal employees doesn't blame its workers, but rather the Bush administration

"To me it's a scathing indictment of the Bush administration, their total incompetence and mismanagement and disdain for government and running government," said Mark Roth, general counsel of the American Federation of Government Employees/AFL-CIO. "Apparently, they are so asleep at the wheel that they're letting people go for months without any consequences."

At least it's not Scott Walker...

Interesting that nobody noticed the missing work until an actual Conservative asked for a report.

...20 million hours of lost work comes out to 10,000 years of work left unfinished...

10K man-years and nobody noticed? Sounds like a good reason to drop 10K Fed positions.


capper said...

At least it's not Scott Walker...

Remember that video from last winter? The one he sat on for over a month, to try to force the union into a contract settlement? The one that got the union sued for unfair practices? Yeah, I'm sure you do. The woman never got punished, due to Walker's actions.

For the record, I would like to know why they weren't held accountable. It doesn't excuse their behavior, but why was there no accountablility held to them, or their supervisors?

capper said...

Further thoughts...

How does the money wasted on those lost workhours equate to the monies misappropriated and/or missing, and subsequentially forgiven, by Blackwater and Halliburton?

Also, don't blame just unions, Dad. Look at your friend, Kevin Fischer, who has to account for many AWOL hours from his state job.

Dad29 said...

Your 'further thoughts' are apparently under the influence of something...

Re-read my post. Show me PRECISELY where I "blamed the unions."


Geez, you know, if delusions are your stock-in-trade, then you're in the wrong biz.

capper said...

First paragraph of second citation. Why else would you include it Dad? Denial isn't becoming on you.

Or to be "precise":

Alright. All Together Now:

The union that represents many federal employees doesn't blame its workers, but rather the Bush administration

Dad29 said...


I quote the union rep, and YOU say that I blame the union.

Your sensitivity is positively...girlish.

capper said...

Oh, you savage!

You chose the quote. It is logical to presume there was a method to your madness, but then again, maybe you're just mad, and need no methodology.