Monday, June 25, 2007

Pay Increases for Everybody?

So the Democrats introduce the Path to Nirvana in Healthcare.

I have a question, Mr. Risser.

First, the groundwork:

Mary Middlemom works for Sam's Nuts and Bolts. She earns $42,333./year. Sam pays for her family-care health policy--right now, the premium is $1200.00/month. Sally makes a contribution to Sam which offsets $200.00/month of the premium cost--so Sam's net health-insurance cost for Sally is $1,000.00/month, or $12,000.00/year.

Under the Democrat proposal, for an average Wisconsin income of $42,333, the worker [Sally] would pay an estimated $140 a month and the employer $370 a month. This means that Sally's contribution will be reduced by $60./month--but Sam's contribution will be REALLY reduced, by about $630.00/month, or $7,800.00 per year.

So will Sam give Sally the difference, Mr. Risser?

Where does all that extra money go, Mr. Risser?

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Anonymous said...

You are on the right track Dad. At $12,000, Sally's plan is probably a family plan. What if Sally's husband is a stay at home dad, will the payroll taxes on Sally be enough to pay for a Cadillac, Democrat Senate designed family plan? Probably not.