Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lasee's Right. And He'll Be Crucified

Frank Lasee's thinking on this is correct, but he's going to be The Target of the anti-gun wackos.

In the aftermath of recent school shootings, a state representative has proposed giving principals and teachers the right to arm themselves with handguns.

..."Sometimes when people are intent on harming others, the only reasonable response you could have is to confront them with firepower to stop them," said Lasee, who believes that school personnel trained in handling weapons could better combat violent intruders or students.

According to Lasee, the method has been successful in Israel and Thailand, where schools were once heavily targeted by terrorists.

Pete Pochowski, director of school safety for MPS said: "In the country we live in, we have a lot of freedom," Pochowski said, "and we have to expose ourselves to some danger to keep that."

Actually, Pete, what you're suggesting is that you are happy to expose someone else's children to 'some danger.'

You can expose yourself to all the danger you want, Pete. But so long as the schools are acting in loco parentis (remember that phrase??) then you should be expected to act to defend the kids...just like John Klang did. Wouldn't you rather be armed when doing so?

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