Monday, August 08, 2005

Tax, More Tax, and Trying Harder

Owen over at Boots advises that Wisconsin is still in the hunt for "Most Highly Taxed" status, and his citation comes from:

Rather than going through the details (Owen did just fine), I'll ask a question:

Besides the $0.01 reduction in the gas tax, exactly where are the "Republicans" in the Legislature? Aside from Tom Reynolds' scotched offering of a rebate for private/home-school education, which Republican TAX REDUCTION provision was in the Budget?

Certain Republicans from the Legislature are now running for higher office--or maybe they are just running away from their dismal failure?

Yeah--be sure to call and ask for after-tax support, boys and girls...

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Anonymous said...

The biggest problem Wisconsin taxpayers have is not Gov. Doyle's love of high taxes but rather the poor leadership and much of the membership of the Republican Party. They have not fought for taxpayers. They have gone native and have become co-conspirators with the Democrats. They have been joyfully co-opted into the tax and spend culture of Madison. Republican leadership is the enemy. Revolution is required.