Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Decline the Charlie Challenge

In response to Charlie Sykes' open request for a fiskulation of Tim Cuprisin's column, (and with a good deal of shock that Charlie included me with the stellar and talented group)...

I respectfully decline. There's really a good reason: I don't listen to WISN/AM in the mornings any more. In other words, I don't have a dog in that fight, and WON'T have a dog in that fight.

Further, if Bott is telling the truth, the morning show is supposed to be a-political. So who cares what Nicole thinks?

Finally, it was Bott's decision. He made the call to "vote" for a new host; he has to pay the freight; and if he blew it, he may lose his Mercedes (another daily talk-bite when Jerry's on the air.)

WISN and Bott lost my AM attention with Webber and Dolan, whose show would often wander into Oprah-esque ruminations about losing weight or marital- or opposite-sex- annoyances, kitchen decorations, and scatological/light "blue" humor. That's not what interests me--the humor didn't work too well when it was attempted, and Oprah's omphaloskepsis-angst flat-out turns me off.

(Hint to Webber and Dolan: if you really have weight problems, stop hitting every restaurant in the Greater Milwaukee area. Stay home and eat raw green beans, mixed with plums. Yummy.)

If it's not a hot news day (WTMJ-AM for that,) then it's WFMR. Best radio in Milwaukee for starting your brain.

Thanks, Charlie for the invite!! Next time.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

They should have never gotten rid of Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck's web broadcast is a BIG factor for me considering getting a box for my desk...

I know, I know... he isn't your ideal candidate. But I would rather listen to him than Webber/Dolan/Lefty Babe...

There is now only 1.5 programs I will listen to on ISN

1 - Mark Belling
.5 - Rush(Don't care to listen to him that much)

Down from 3

1 - Belling
1 - Glenn Beck
.5 - Rush
.5 - Steve "The Homer" True